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2006 Moto Guzzi Breva V 1100

Breva V 1100 (Guzzi hard side bags)

Breva V 1100. The Universal Moto Guzzi. After more than eighty years, Carlo Guzzi’s design principles are still valid, and represent the true inspiration behind the Breva V 1100. But though our guidelines are the same, motorcycling has changed dramatically over the decades. Motorcyclists have evolved; today they are demanding and attentive, and have acquired a thorough understanding of technology. It was with today’s riders in mind that Moto Guzzi designed the new Breva V 1100, a revolutionary machine made to the highest standards. The Breva V 1100 has all the credentials for success on today’s fiercely competitive market, and is Italy’s best ever answer to growing demand in the “naked” segment, now Europe’s most important area of the motorcycle market. The Breva excels as an unexaggerated tourer and a true all-rounder: it provides plenty of reasons for passion, but also has a passion for reason. Comfortable, easy to ride, lavishly equipped, and technically advanced, the Breva V 1100 is perfect for intensive daily use. It is made with everybody in mind, Guzzi fans who would never ride anything else, ex-Guzzi riders returning to the fold, and everybody seeking to discover the pleasures of Moto Guzzi’s unique riding style.