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2002 Moto Guzzi California Stone Metal

California Stone Metal 80 YEAR ANNIVERSARY EDITION

California Stone Metal: An Affordable Special Edition The Stone Metal is a young bike for young people, and marks the easiest entry to the long-established world of the Guzzi California. It combines all the charisma of the classic cruiser with a decidedly non-conformist soul. Several features instantly differentiate this collectors' bike from the standard California Stone introduced earlier in 2001. The Metal version gets its name from its distinctive chrome finish tank. It's a real eye-popper, an attention getting look whether on the road or parked at the nearest watering hole. The logo and graphics are in keeping with the bike's youthful personality. A linear anatomical seat with passenger handles provides a safe, comfortable ride for two. Elsewhere the Stone Metal picks up a number of innovations that were included in the basic California Stone model. These include handlebars that are now 30 mm in diameter with new handgrips and electric controls to improve riding comfort. The gearbox has also been revised, with a reduction in shift throw and effort. The ride is more comfortable, with modified calibration of the rear shock absorber (also equipped with new springs) and a new, more comfortable saddle. The frame and rear swingarm have been modified to allow a wider cross-section tire to be fitted.