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Welcome to Moto Italia

Moto Italia is located in Edwardsville, Illinois, 62025. We are 20 minutes from downtown St. Louis and part of the Metro-East Region.. We carry Ural motorcycles, Genuine Scooters, Kymco, and SYM. We sell accessories, apparel, t-shirts, and helmets as well as many other specialty items for Ural, Genuine, Kymco and SYM. We take pride in offering help tor those having trouble passing the riding part of the motorcycle designation test.  It is a fee based service that is availble year round Tuesday through Friday at our shop in Edwardsville.  

Obey local traffic safety laws and always wear a helmet, appropriate eyewear and proper apparel.

AK 550 has the lowest center of gravity in its class. All body components are engineered to give the vehicle a near 50/50 front to rear weight distribution for perfect balance. This strategic placement of the center of gravity provides the most solid foundation for riders to pursue its ultimate handling capability.

The Weekender SE is based on the 2WD Gear Up model with two-tone paint, bright trim and a slightly different configuration of accessories. This model features the standard 2/3 rider seat, fully equipped sidecar with the windshield, upgraded vinyl tonneau & apron set, universal spare wheel as well as stainless steel sidecar bumper with auxiliary fog lights; in case the road is still a little hazy on that weekend ride.



The V85 TT Travel, when a name is worth a thousand words. It is the long-distance journey, in fact, the element around which V85 TT Travel was conceived. Refined and suggestive style, with a set of essential accessories for " explorations " to conquer the world and every road you throw at it.